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The Einville Salt

Since 1871

It was in Einville, a small village located between Nancy and Lunéville, where salt mining from an old sea started over one century ago. Rare and highly pure salt.

Rare like its deposit

In an alcove hidden 200 metres underground at the heart of an unpolluted site, pure, extremely natural salt is formed, which deserves to be called Sel à l’Ancienne.

Rare and unique like its harvesting !

Salt is extracted by dissolution on contact with a sheet of extremely pure and regularly controlled fresh water. It is not processed and contains no additives. It is pure and stays pure. For 140 years, Sel à l’Ancienne is harvested by hand using a traditional method, which preserves its unique pureness and many qualities. This method gives the salt its lightness and richness. The rare and precious values of Sel à l’Ancienne are its authenticity, tradition and respect for the cycles of nature.
You cannot be mistaken. The Einville Salt Works are the last salt works to produce this famous Sel à l’Ancienne.

There is salt and there is salt. You need to taste this rare salt once to appreciate the difference !
Rare like its richness
Naturally rich in trace elements, Sel à l’Ancienne is the source of essential benefits for the balance and well-being of the body.

  • Calcium helps bone growth and preservation.
  • Magnesium is beneficial for the nervous system and muscular contraction.
  • Potassium contributes to the effective working of muscles and cell renewal.

Rare like its crisp and melting taste
The lightness of its crystals is truly irresistible. Its crisp and melting taste satisfies all taste buds… Sel à l’Ancienne offers gourmets a unique taste which is extremely appreciated by experts.
Sel à l’Ancienne ? Really the most crisp salt !

Sel à l’Ancienne ground in a 250 g pouring box
The grains are very fine and a very pure white. It salty taste is diffused and pervasive.
Its fluidity and lightness make it an essential cooking ingredient.

Sel à l’Ancienne ground in a 125 g diabolo
The diabolo, unique with its elegant party look, will delight your guests.

Large Sel à l’Ancienne in a 500 g box
Dry and fluid, it is light and crisp. Its s alty taste is instantaneous when eaten, subtle and light when used in cooking. Ideal for salt mills.

Sel à l’Ancienne Petals in a 80 g wooden box
Its incomparable taste, reduced content in sodium, rareness, fineness, make Sel à l’ancienne Petals an exceptional product for eating well, reserved for the most refined dishes.